Bring Me Their Hearts


Wow. I am shocked. Absolutely shocked.

This was brilliant, bloody and funny all at once. You guys don’t know what you’re in for.




Zera is Heartless, 3 years she has been a monster, her heart kept in a jar above Nightsinger’s mantle, doing the witches bidding. Now she is set on a mission to steal the Prince’s heart in order to have hers back. She is brought in to a royal household and taught everything it is to be human and a noble. Then introduced as a Spring Bride in hopes Prince Lucien will choose her as a wife, so she can get close enough to steal his heart… literally out of his chest.

This was such a ride. From page 1! Zera is hilarious, bad ass and witty. Malachite is my favorite, he’s a Beneather a creature from underground with bright red eyes and white skin and he’s absolutely hilarious. He’s so chill and laid back and always laughing or cracking jokes. Lucien is dark and mysterious but so thoughtful and kind and loving. Every character I fell head over heels for!

I was never bored during this whole book, there was always something keeping my attention.

I don’t even know what to say. It was just so unique and interesting!

This has friendship and love and betrayal. Murder and happiness and despair. Everything you want in a book this has it! So fantastic!




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