is like every amazing fantasy story all wrapped into one and done so so well. Every character is deep and unique and real, you really feel like you’re with them. You love them or hate them. The world is so vast and vivid. The magic system is complex yet very understandable and cool lol

In furyborn we follow two women, Rielle and Eliana. The chapter alternate between the two, Rielle lived 1,000 years ago and Eliana is in the present. From the very beginning you know how they are connected but during the whole book you are on the edge of your seat waiting for Eliana to figure it out. We get a little glimpse of the end of Rielles story in the beginning but then we get to see it from the beginning as well which I thought was amazing. They are both so unique yet so different. Rielle is smart, powerful and kind but has a temper. She’s been hidden basically her whole life until she has to protect her best friend. Eliana is wild, mean and just as smart but she loves her family more than anything and does everything she can to protect them. They are both so snarky and sassy and yet completely different as well. There is so much more to this book then just two powerful Queen’s. There politics, war, some creepy science fiction shit going on, romance, friendships. It truly has everything.

I LOVED the friendships in this book. Rielle, Audric and Lud, have the most amazing friendship ever. I mean seriously they go through everything and never ever turn their back on each other. They are so understanding and kind. It just felt so real.

And Eliana doesn’t have many friends in the beginning but throughout her journey we meet Wolf, Navi and Zahra and they are without a doubt some loyal, kick ass friends. I also adore Remy, he is so strong and brilliant!!!

The diversity present in here is absolutely fantastic. Every character is described in a different race, sexuality. Etc. we have a male male relationship which while it isn’t a huge part it is still present. Eliana is bisexual, and I believe Navi is as well. But it is never a huge deal it’s mentioned and casually moving on which is what I LOVE.

I laughed so hard during this book, especially with Simon. I cried during parts, my jaw dropped more times than I can even count. I was just taken for the most amazing ride. Seriously buy this book May,22nd or Corien is gonna find you
Muahahahahha 💀😒😂


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