The Secrets She Keeps

This book was 5 complete stars except for the very last sentence…. a 4.75 for sure! Definitely read this.

My heart pounded the whole entire time I read this story. The beginning was quite slow and I almost was like worried, but then it just got super intense and stayed that way.

This is a very dark, powerful, creepy book about loss, desperation, secrets and just everything in between.

(Rape, Child rape, abortion clinics, suicidal thoughts, infertility, mental illness). This is NOT an easy book, at all. There are a lot of very rough parts and very hard to handle scenes. But it is all handled in an amazing way, I mean brutally honest, but isn’t inconsiderate or hurtful.

The reason this gets a 4.5 instead of a 5 is because I was expecting like this HUGE SECRET between the two mothers, or something just out of the blue crazy at the end, but it was all straight forward completely. And the last sentence completely threw me off… but maybe that’s the point. Either way an amazing amazing amazing thriller!!!


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