The Witch Of Willow Hall


This is a beautifully written book, I truly enjoyed the writing. It’s old and slow but wonderful.

This is a story about family, loss, grief and witches.

It takes place in a newly built home but on land where some tragic things have happened and some spirits still reside. Lydia is a wonderful character and I really enjoyed reading from her. After moving to Willow Hall from Boston, running from a horrible rumor about their family and her father investing in mills they are trying to start over. Her older sister Catherine is jealous and mean. She does anything she can to take Lydia’s happiness and has some dark secrets of her own. Emmaline is the baby and she’s wild, fun spirited and loveable. I adored her and my heart broke during parts of this book. This is a slow burning haunting story about finding out who you are and becoming who you’re meant to be.

During the middle it was a little too slow for me but I was invested in Lydia’s story and the family. I wanted to see her get her happy ending. A very good read.


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