The Soul Keepers

One of my most anticipated reads of 2018 and I was NOT disappointed! The Soul Keepers is soooo unique and amazing, the world is unlike any I’ve ever read.

I love the exploration of afterlife. This book does not follow a single living person, we follow the dead and what happens after and it’s so amazing. I love the ship “Harbringer” and how it’s created from all kinds of different ships throughout time.

Everything was explained super well, you understood what Rhett’s and his teams job was, what exactly they were doing, how they did it an why. But it also made you think about other stuff too, were they Death or the cause of death or just it’s messenger? Or were they The in between.

I really enjoyed the dialogue and comedy thrown in too. Basil is hilarious and I really enjoyed him. I didn’t care for Mak, I thought she was overly bitchy for no reason, everyone has lost stuff everyone has pain and she treated Rhett and basically everyone like shit. She’s the reason it gets 4 Stars honestly.

And that ending though….. I neeed book 2 NOW! There better be a book 2 or someone’s getting hurt!


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