Strange Grace

Strange Grace is the perfect name for this book, because it is soooo strange and yet so graceful!

One of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read and darkest ones too. Definitely a new favorite!


Strange Grace is about a village named Three Graces, where nobody gets sick, cuts heal very fast, it never floods or droughts. The village is prosperous in the magical way, and that is because of the Grace Witches. The original Grace witch made a deal with the devil in the forest, and every 7 years a boy is sacrificed to the forest.

I went into this book knowing NOTHING. I didn’t read the synopsis, I didn’t look up reviews. I literally saw the arc on a trade post and was like hmm looks good. Let’s do it and I think that made it amazing for me!

This is more than just devils, witches and pacts. It’s about love, gender fluidity and societies wack standards on relationships and people. It has an AMAZING polyamorous relationship that I didn’t know I was here for until I was totally here for it!! Absolutely favorite fictional relationship ever. It is fueled with sooooo much love I literally had chills constantly. And it’s done sooo damn well.

It’s also about a boy who was raised a girl, only to realize he was a boy and now is stuck in the in between. Doing everything he can to prove he is a boy and the best boy there is but he doesn’t fit in on either side. It’s about him finding himself and realizing nobody makes you, you make you and nothing can change who you are inside. And boy is it done well too.

The atmosphere alone is chilling and spooky but beautiful and light. It gets dark, real dark and you get goosebumps and your heart flutters and you get anxious but isn’t that the point? And then it gets light and happy and you laugh and smile and feel love. What else could you ask for with a book?

Absolutely, bloody amazing. Just in awe of Tessa’s writing style and everything she spun and weaved into this masterpiece of a book!!


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