Hello everyone!!    Welcome.    So I had the

amazing opportunity recently to read an ARC

copy for The Isle Of Gold by Seven Jane. After

reading such an amazing, brilliant, mythological

story I reached out to the publisher at Black Spot

Books and Seven Jane and we got together for a

Q&A and ARC giveaway!


Seven Jane is a Debut Author, with The Isle Of Gold coming out October, 9th, 2018.



1. Is Seven Jane your author name? And if so where did you come up with it?
It is! Seven Jane was actually the name I’d picked out for my daughter, if I’d had one. I never had a daughter, so I decided to keep the name for myself.
2. Do you have any pets? (Yess share all the details I love animals) 
I am totally a cat person, and I have two (extremely obese) furballs that I adore. They’re brothers, and I’ve had them since they were about eight weeks old. One has become grumpy and antisocial in his old age, while the other insists that the only place he can survive is in my lap. Both enjoy listening to me beta-read as I write, and are richly rewarded with a nice scrambled egg for their troubles.

3. A reader (Uhm myself) happened to notice it seemed Merrin might be BiSexual, do you consider this true? 
I think Merrin would say that love transcends boundaries of gender, race, time, or realm, and I would agree with her! We still have a lot to learn about her relationship with Claudette, but I would certainly consider the two women to be deeply in love, regardless of whether that is friendship, sisterhood, or romance. I think it’s all three.
4. Where did you get the inspiration for The Isle Of Gold? 
It was inspired by a dream, and by my deep and relentless love of the ocean and pirate folklore. Actually, the catalyst for the story was a dream in which I was trapped on a small island (not much larger than a boulder) in the middle of the ocean, and the only way for me to escape the rock was to tether myself to someone else in the dream—someone much like Winters—as we had to depend on each other to survive. I woke up feeling both unable to live without this person, and doomed to be trapped with him, which opened up my imagination to the story that eventually became Winters and Evangeline’s, Davy and the sea goddess’, and even, as we are just beginning to see, Merrin and Tom Birch’s.
5. When did you start writing The Isle Of Gold? 
The  The idea for the story became lodged in my brain after that dream, and I put all my other projects to the side to begin working on it. I began officially writing it toward the end of 2016 after my 100th re-read of Anne Rice’s The Interview with the Vampire. There is a line in that story where Louis—traveling by night across the Atlantic—sees the Mediterranean, and upon reaching it says, “We reached the Mediterranean. I wanted those waters to be blue, but they were black, nighttime waters, and how I suffered then, straining to recall the color that in my youth I had taken for granted.” This quote may actually belong in the film—I’m not sure if it’s in the novel—but it’s one line that’s always stuck with me, and upon hearing it again I thought about the symbology in this quote, and immediately sat down and wrote the first chapter of The Isle of Gold.
6. Did you get picked up for a book deal right away?
I did, which was all together a stroke of incredible luck, of timing, and of meeting the right people all at the same time, all of who supported Merrin and the rest of the Riptide’s crew from the moment they decided to set sail for Isla Perla. I am endlessly thankful to the teams at Black Spot Books and at Smith Publicity.
7. We know you love all of your characters, but which one was your favorite to create? 
This is a hard question! Each character is so unique and dynamic that it’s hard to single out one, but if I really had to choose, I think it would be Brandon Dunn, our quartermaster. In a way, he’s a mirror reflection of Merrin. Both have lost someone they love and suffered a grief so deep it has literally separated them from their truest selves. Dunn has such a complicated and sometimes contradictory role in this story—he has to shepherd Merrin and Winters, protect them, and do so without revealing his true motivations or the depths of his knowledge, all the while putting aside his own suffering. Poor guy is a mess, but without him, I’m pretty sure we’d never have reached Isla Perla. 
8. If you were a character in your book, who would you be? 
Probably Erik Winters. I, too, am prone to fits of terrible grouchiness, rarely brush my already-unruly hair, and am fiercely loyal to those I love. 
9. How do you think your characters would react if they met you and knew you wrote their story? 
I think their reactions would be as varied as their personalities, but I definitely think I’d stick by Tom Birch in the event they all confronted me, and count on his diplomacy, just in case.
10. Is book two in the works? 
I can officially say that yes, it is! I am so excited! I’ll be sharing more very soon on my website, so be sure to subscribe for updates at http://www.sevenjane.com/!
11. What is your favorite book?
It’s a toss up between She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb, The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice, Coraline by Neil Gaiman, and The Guardship by James L. Nelson—and I am first to acknowledge that there is almost nothing that ties those four books or authors together, yet there it is. 
12. When did you know you wanted to be an author? 
I think I always knew, though I’m not yet sure that I truly am.
13. Is this the first book you’ve written, (well obviously debut) but attempted?
It’s not, nor I hope is it the last. I was writing a paranormal horror/thriller called The Familiar previous to The Isle of Gold, and I’ve returned to that project now that Merrin’s story is—at least for the meantime—complete. 
14. What will you be doing on October 9th 2018? 
Hiding from social media, and drinking rum—really. 
15. Is there anything you’d like to tell your readers, or anything you’d like to share about yourself or The Isle Of Gold?
Writing historical fantasy/fiction is hard, particularly when it comes to pirates and sea mythologies that have been floating around for centuries. In The Isle of Gold have done my best to interweave classic folklores with real 18th century sailing culture and modern messages, and I hope you love the adventure as much as I do.
16. What advice would you give to others out there writing books and hoping to be published?
No matter what you do, keep writing. Surround yourself with other writers, and readers your trust. Lift each other up, and succeed as a community of artists.
A big thank you to Lindy, with Black Spot Books, for sponsoring this giveaway and dealing with my non stop emails, worried about this giveaway!!
Also Seven for answering all my questions and overall just being AWESOME!!
This giveaway will run from 7/21-8/31 
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The Isle of Gold ARC Giveaway

The Isle of Gold ARC Giveaway

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