The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

How do you rate a book like this when it’s soooo much more than the other 5 star books you’ve rated? I mean seriously.

Hands down my top favorite book of the year. I cannot even fathom how much I truly enjoyed this book. I cried sooooo much towards the end it wasn’t even funny. A book has never made me cry like that, ever!!

Evelyn wasn’t a good person. She did what she had to do to make it and she made choices along her way that weren’t always good but good god if she wasn’t a bad ass woman. I am inspired by her and she isn’t even real.

This book has a way of just gripping you and flipping your whole world upside down. Whatever book come s after this one I feel sorry for it because for the rest of the year I’ll be surprised if a book tops this!

Please. If you’re gay, straight, Ace, whatever read this book! It will show you so much truth about the homosexual community but also life as well. I am completely IN LOVE with this story!!!


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