Sky in the Deep Review

2.5/3 Stars

It took me SOOO LONG to finish this and that’s not normal for me. I’m really sad. I wanted to love this

Sky in the Deep is a female Viking story where our Mc Eleyn is a member of the clan Aska and every five years they meet in a valley to fight the rivaling clan the Rikis.

So I went into this thinking constant action, bad ass women Vikings chopping heads and kicking asses. There was a little of that in here yes but the majority of the story was very slow and dealt with Eleyn growing and learning to love someone of an opposite clan.

I enjoyed this but not as much as I had hoped too. I liked the Viking attributes and I loved Halvard and Inge, but I was slow rolling and towards the end I was ready to be done. The end also felt extremely rushed to me and like a little too easy.

I honestly couldn’t tell you what Eleyn looks like besides long braided hair that’s shorn to the scalp on the right side. Idk what color her hair is or her eyes. Idk if she looks fierce or gentle or anything. I couldn’t really tell you about any character and I’m not sure if there was a lack of description or I just didn’t catch them. There was a huge lack of world building and not much to the characters even though they all had tragic pasts, it didn’t really give them any feelings or emotions in the present.

However the romance plot was nice, hate to love. Opposite clans and forbidden kind of thing, and the learning to see things and people through a different perspective thing was nice. I liked that.

I didn’t really care for how the clans like grouped together to fight another one, only because it happened so fast after chapters and chapters of hearing multiple people from different clans say that it would never happen they would never work side by side and then all of a sudden they are like wam bam thank you ma’am. And the end fight wasn’t really that epic I didn’t feel anything for the characters.

Overall decent book. Nice light fantasy.


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