The Broken Girls


Thank you Buzzword Readathon for making me pick up a book I probably wouldn’t have picked up.

I love this story! Absolutely loved it. Such a unique and creepy read.

This has two main stories. We follow 4 girls in 1950 who live in Idlewild Hall a boarding school for girls who are too much to handle back in this time. Or illegitimate daughters, etc.. Katie, Roberta, CeCe and Sonia are roommates all different and all from different pasta. Idlewild Hall is rumored to be haunted by Mary Hand, and the school and teachers live in fear of her.

2015 we follow Fiona who is a 37 year old journalists who’s sister was murdered 20 years ago and left on the Idlewild Hall lawn with no footprints or evidence of the murder. The sisters boyfriend has been in prison for the murder but claims innocence. Fiona can’t let it go. She wants to know why he did it, how and everything involved. Her whole life revolves around it. So when Idlewild Hall is bought and being restored she takes it personal and decides to investigate. It leads her down a creepy path unlocking secrets and ghosts.

We learns about every girls path and it has everything from War and concentration camps to rape to PTSD with soldiers. It’s dark and definitely some trigger warnings but it’s an amazing read.

Also. Ghosts are real. At least at Idlewild Hall!

Absolutely loved this book. Pure darkness, mystery and haunting! Stunning novel!


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