Seafire Review

This goes right next to Furyborn for best books of 2018!

Seafire is a kick ass, female pirate story with love, loyalty and pure action. Written by Natalie C. Parker, who I have to admit, knows how to tell a damn story! This all female crew are such an amazing family and you can feel the love they have for each other but also the times they won’t take any shit. We get to see about 5 different characters and really get to know them even though the story has one POV.
Every chapter has a ending where you just have to keep reading. You have to know what happens next, you can’t put it down. There was not a single time during this story where I was bored or left wanting. Nothing felt rushed or too slow. The pacing was fantastic as well as the plot, dialogue and characters.

We lose characters we love, we gain new characters we grow to love and we just feel like we are apart of this awesome crew of Mors Navis.

The world building is excellent. I really understood the scenery. I saw the sea and the land around it. I saw every aspect of the ship and could picture everything very easily.

This also takes place in our future. Basically our time is referenced as the old world and little things are brought up here and there about things that we have created or were created in the old world before everything changed for them. You have a mixture of high tech ships and items and no tech and true pirate items. It’s such an awesome mix. Nothing feels pushed or forced it all flowed very nicely.

I literally cannot say enough about this!! LOOK OUT FOR SEAFIRE. It will be a new favorite!!!


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