Grace and Fury



** spoiler alert ** I’m thinking about my star rating.

I do know that this was my most anticipated of 2018 and I’m disappointed. I did enjoy it and the ending got me extremely excited for book two but everything in the middle was very disappointing.
It felt very fast and kind of all over the place. There were definitely parts I loved and parts I hated

Grace and Fury has an amazing plot that could have been so epic and cool but the execution lacked.
Serina has trained her whole entire life to be a Grace. One of the Heir to the thrones women. They are property to men. The Superior (king) has many Graces and his Superior Grace which is the mother of his children. This is the Heirs first time taking Graces and Serina is trained and taught to be chosen as one and eventually become the Superior Grace. Nono is Serina’s little sister. She does the cooking, cleaning, all the chores. She is Serinas hand maiden and is brought to the place with her to wait on her. So when the Heir chooses Nomi everything changes. Nomi has never trained to be a Grace and she doesn’t want to me. She doesn’t believe women are property and she doesn’t understand why women don’t get a choice in anything. She also knows how to read and that’s extremely illegal in this land.

When Serina gets caught holding a book Nomi stole from the palace she is sent to Mount Ruin, a prison where women live in tribes and fight in death matches for their rations of food. Serina learns to survive and become everything she was always told she shouldn’t be.

Nomi learns to be a Grace and tries to find a way to save Serina. She falls in with the Heirs brother and they devise a plan to take the Heir down and give him the throne.

This had a lot going for it. It really did.

For one:
I loved the feminine aspects of this book. It’s all about women raising to their strengths and realizing they are equal to men. They can do these things and they are oppressed in this world because men are scared of them. They can’t cut their hair without man saying so. They are not allow to read. Or play games. Or work. They can’t sell stuff in markets. The women who are not Graces work in factories or take care of the home.

Also the whole island being a prison thing was awesome but it lacked survival aspects. We got the fighting part and training to fight but we didn’t really see any survival technique and I was extremely ready for that.

There is also MAJOR insta love going on, with both characters and a love triangle. Uuggghhhhh wasn’t down for that at all.

Also Nomi and Asa devise a plan to take down the Heir and it all happens fast they meet one time and already have this set plan of how to do it and that’s it. They don’t plan or do anything just agree to revolt pretty much and bam. Like that’s not realistic at all.

The plot twist I kind of saw coming but I was still on the edge of my seat about it.

There was a lack of details for me. I got the details of the dress and small details of characters but either I skimmed them or it wasn’t enough for me to picture anyone in my head.

I’m struggling here. I enjoyed this. I really did. I enjoyed the action and the ending and I liked Serina and Nomi but other parts just fell super flat for me. Ugh what to do what to do?


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