His Fair Assassin Trilogy

I have fallen head over heels in love with this series! I picked up Grave Mercy for very cheap on eBay, just in the mood for an historical fiction and figured eh what the heck?! Well what the heck was right!!! This book was amazing and Dark Triumph was equally as awesome!!

Grave Mercy follows Ismae, a pig farmer’s daughter who escapes an abusive arranged marriage and gets sent to the covent of St Mortain. Saint Mortain is the God of Death, Ismae’s (father). Ismae is trained in the art of killing, and is sent on missions out of the covent to kill those Marked for death by Mortain himself. When Ismae is sent on a mission to infiltrate the court of Brittany and discover who is plotting against The Duchess, Anne, she learns about herself, her skills and her believes.

It’s a big book but soooo good, the history and world so so rich. The belief systems and religions are really well done, none or heavy but explains the differences of everyone’s believes. There is fantastical elements with the God of Death, Ismae has abilities to see Marques on those who are destined to die, she can sense peoples heartbeats and see and feel ghosts. Just so amazing!

Dark Triumph follows Sybella, a side character in Grave Mercy who is very mysterious and we don’t see a lot. We see her first reaction to being brought to the covent, which is very wild and unruly. Sybella is sent back to her father’s life to get information for the Covent and the Duchess, but she has to relive dark parts of her past and grow through it. This story is a lot darker than the first one and deals with a heavy heavy subject. But we learn so much about Sybella and what she has been through. Sybella rescues a prisoner who was a big part in the first novel and they slowly start to fall in love, its such a emotional book. It’s dark but awesome at the same time!!

One of my new favorite series, can’t wait to get ahold of Mortal Heart, the last installment with Annith.




I LOVE this book!! I went into it thinking it was going to be good but wasn’t expecting great but this is one of my new favorites!

So let’s get right to it!!
Ismae is an amazing main character! She’s strong, tough, smart and kind (in her own way) she’s a handmaiden of Death and does the work of her Saint Mortain: God of Death. She is Death’s Daughter.

This book was just so interesting. All the takes on different gods and saint. How it was basically set in our world historically wise and dealt with France, England etc but had magical aspects and a slightly altered world at that. I loved the politics and the rich world inside this book. All the main characters and side character had personality and good ones. There was a mystery aspect to this and while I figured it out kinda early i second guessed myself quite often which is good!!!

The romance was slow burning and slow building. It was not instant and I LOVE that!!!! Absolutely love it. And seeing how Ismae grew to love a man and trust a man after everything was amazing!!! I literally cannot say more about this book other than read it!!! It’s slow burning but it’s so investing and you get hooked immediately!!!

5/5 Stars!!! New favorite 



One of my favorite series ever. I just cannot get enough of this!!

Dark Triumph follows Sybella, a side character we saw in the first novel with an air of mystery surrounding her. We are first introduced to her when she is brought to the covent of St Mortain and she’s a wild, unruly girl.

This book was so much darker than Grave Mercy but for good reason. Sybella had a different upbringing then Ismae and a much harsher life and family. Sybella has been constantly used, mistreated, hurt, abused by those who are supposed to protect her. She is the daughter of one of the worst villains I’ve ever read about. A man who cares little of women, or children and only of power and money. He is vile.

Sybella is thrust into her old life under her fathers rule by the covent in order to get information as details on D Albert for the duchess, but she’s having to relive her worst nightmares and deal with almost escaping this life only to be thrown back to it. In this book we follow her journey to finding herself, her belief in Mortain and finding love again.

So deep and powerful and dark. Parts of this I cried and got sick to my stomach and parts I laughed and smiled for Sybella. I adore Beast. Absolutely adore him and I think this book really showed how emotion, sexual and physical abuse on a girl can ruin them forever and just how big of a toll it takes on them and their whole life.

We go through doubts in her belief in her God and father Mortain, we go through her doubts in her will to live, how she blamed herself for the harm that had fallen on her throughout her life.

And she’s also a truly bad ass female character. She kicks ass and takes no names. She does so in justice, as Deaths justice as Ismae kills in Deaths Mercy.

Hands down one of my favorite series ever ever ever!!! I just 😍




** spoiler alert ** Oh my heart. This series is absolutely one of my favorites!

Annith was soooo much more than I first thought she was. I always saw her as the goody goody, perfect child who didn’t have it rough but wow she actually did. And she was always rebellious just scared, for right reasons.

This book was an amazing wrap up to the war and to the girls lives. I really enjoyed all the twists and turns in this one. It could have been a little shorter but it was still amazing.

And I mean Annith falling in love with Mortain?! Come on now. Yes that was perfect. The truth of her parentage was shocking as well, and I really liked he other gods and followers that were brought into this one. I love Anne and I cried my heart out when Isabeau died but it was so heartwarming too.

Such an amazing story and series. Can’t wait for the next one!!!


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