This Song Will Save Your Life Review

I have to add Trigger Warning for: suicide attempt and thoughts.

Elise has never been popular or “normal”. In the beginning of this book she goes through a change, changed her warddrobe and hair. She tries this year to be normal, to have friends but after a bad day at school, she goes home and attempts suicide. Then we follow her life after the suicide fails. She finds two girls in an alley while walking late one night, who then bring her into the underground rave with DJ Char.  From then on, she takes on DJing, with Char’s help. A relationship builds from that, along with a friendship she never thought she would have.

This was a really good story, I liked Elise. I really connected with her, and the representation of anxiety is spot on. How she feels left out, like nothing is right, nobody wants her, she is just being used. She grows a lot in this book, she learns about herself, true friendship and she realizes just because someone shows some attention doesn’t make them a good person. It also shows how with anxiety one second you could be up and then the next you’re right back down. Elise really grows in this story, and it was just a really enjoyable light read. songquote


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