The Great Hunt Review

This was a surprising read for me. I didn’t expect to enjoy this as much as I did.

The world building was fantastic and very easy to picture. Aerity is a princess in an unusual kingdom. Unusual because in this kingdom, there are lashed. Those with magical powers, but they are feared. The Lashed are treated poorly, forced to hide and live on the outskirts. If they use their powers tiny blue lines show up under their fingernails, marking them for magic use. The commoners in the Kingdom have taken it upon themselves to handle The Lashed.  A beast is running rampid during the night, killing men, and the guards have given up on trying to catch it.  The King sends out a decree, those who fight and slay the beast will win his daughter’s hand in marriage, and therefor King Consort.  Aerity doesn’t want this, she always thought she could marry for love, but when Paxton comes along she starts to hope he can catch the beast.

There is so much more in this story than you think. First off the Queen teaches her children ACROBATICS or performing skills and I AM HERE FOR IT!! You get to be with Aerity as she performs on silks in the air. It’s an awesome little twist.  There is a deeper, darker thing happening behind the beast and villages.  You deal with discrimination at its fullest, new and strong friendships. Romance that isn’t instant. A spunky younger sister, Vixie, who takes no shit and has no filter!


It was just SO GOOD! Honestly, Aerity is really easy to love and the Seabolt brothers are adorable! I can’t wait to read The Great Pursuit!


also, the cover girl does NOT MATCH Aerity, and Wendy herself has said she’s upset about it but authors can’t control everything.


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