Midnight at the Electric

Midnight at the Electric is such a beautiful, whimsical read. We follow three different women, Adri (2065), Catherine (1934) and Lenore (1919).

Adri is preparing to travel to Mars, she has never been a people person, and doesn’t get attached to people. She is staying with a distant cousin Lily, in preparation for leaving for Mars. Lily is an old women, she is joyful and funny. She tries to get Adri out of her shell. Adri comes across some old letters that drag her into the world of Catherine in 1934. We then are in 1934 with Catherine as she stumbles upon letters from Lenore to her mother Beth.

This story was just so heartwarming. Lenore was a wild firecracker. Living in England and hoping to follow her best friend Beth to America, she comes across a wounded soldier and befriends him, as she is still writing Beth letters, even with little responses and grows.  Catherine is a young woman, living in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl. Dust is killing people, young, old. It’s ruining crops, and drying out the water. Her little sister has a wild personality but is sick. Constantly coughing.  Catherine tries and tries to get her mother to leave until she eventually takes matters into her own hands.


The way all of these women tie up in the end, and how Adri does as well, I cried.  Don’t go into this story expecting any of the science fiction you think of, because of Mars. There is none, but it was still really amazing.


Also there is an awesome tortoise!!!



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