The Queen’s Rising Review!

I won this book in a giveaway and it was sent to me by the author herself but it DOES NOT SWAY MY THOUGHTS!


This was fantastic. I literally haven’t read a book this good in fantasy in a while. Wow. I mean just the history, politics, emotions and everything involved in this completely blew me away!! So good.

We follow Brienna who was taking to The Magnalia house at the age of ten. Never knowing who her father was and her mother passed away at an early age, Brienna’s grandfather raised her. The Magnalia house is the house of passions where girls go to learn and master one of five passions, wit, knowledge, music, arts or dramatics. This is a custom in their land. Brienna struggles with which passion to choose when she finally decides knowledge. At the end of her ten years along with the other girls someone who has mastered each passion can choose to take them on, much like an internship. Brienna does not get chosen until a fallen lord offers her adoption and a place with him. She is then dragged into a world of mystery, politics war and a heritage she has always wondered about! She goes on a quest to find a magical item that has been lost for centuries in order to restore the rightful queen and magic to Valenia’s neighboring land, her homeland Maevana!

There are so many emotions in this book along with a really coming of age story! Magic, family, betrayal it has it all! I cannot say more about this book other than it was absolute fantastic!!! The Queen’s Rising will be out February of 2018 make this a must buy!!! You will not regret it!!!


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