The Hundreth Queen

So with today’s Release of The Fire Queen, I am going to repost my review for The Hundreth Queen… because I have no idea where it ran off too.. but it isn’t on my site -_-.   So let’s get started!!


I adored this book!! I just thought the world building was amazing, the story line was just the right pace and right amount of action!  In The Hundreth Queen we follow Kalinda, who was orphaned as a baby and raised in the temple.  Raised with her best friend Jaya, and the sisters who do not allow the girls to ever see men, and are raised in the temple in either anticipation or fear of being chosen by a wealthy man who come to the temple in choice of wives.   The girls are raised fighting and must show strength and tactics in order to be chosen. Kalinda however is sick and has been plagued with fevers her whole life, so when a wealthy carriage rolls to the temple and a fight is put together to see who would be chosen at the Kings 100th wife, Kalinda never thought she would win, and she didn’t want to either!   This story is truly captivating as she is whisked away to the kingdom and surrounded by 99 other wives all deadly in their own ways.  She is escorted by the captain of the guard who she immediately is attracted to!  Kalinda’s growth throughout this book and her obstacles are so intriguing.   There is much more behind the scenes than it seems!  With magic, politics, war this is an all around amazing fantasy!  I rated it 5/5 stars and can we talk about the cover?! I mean come on now!!


If you havent read The Hundreth Queen yet, do so and then pick the The Fire Queen and read it as well!


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