The Thousandth Floor & The Dazzling Heights

Last year around this time or maybe early this year I read The Thousandth Floor.  I picked it up front my local library because of the cover, at first I was like no, too girly.  Then I read the synopsis! Manhattan, 2118 and living in a 1000 story sky scraper!  How awesome is that!  The sky scraper itself is the city! Based on your wealth and status is what floor you live on, the lower ones are poorer, middle higher and the richest and wealthiest at the top! This story involves a mystery, death and the lives of 5 different teenagers living in this amazing world!  I loved every second of it, it was a gossip girl, science fiction, mystery!   When Dazzling Heights hit the stores I jumped to it, and read it within a day!  If I thought the first one was good the second one was so much better!  The characters grew so much! The city expanded and developed in other countries and cities and in the end, another death and another mystery!   Katherine McGee is a genius! This is fluffy enough for those who don’t like too much depth, but deep enough for those that do! It’s contempory and futuristic at the same time! Heartwarming and heartbreaking!   Pick these two up and do yourself a favor!!


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