Royal Bastards Review

Yep, that book did it for me.

Royal Bastards has a spot in my top books of the year!!!

Oh man, since page one there was so much action and adventure and even humor. I loved every single character, the group that got thrown together just fit perfectly!!
Tilla is surprised with Lyriana chooses to sit at the bastard table along with Miles, herself and Zell, a Zotochi warrior from a clan who was sent to sit at the table for dishonoring his clan, labeling him a bastard. During the feast brought together but tilla’s father, High Lord Kent. When Tilla, Zell, Lyriana, Miles and Jax sneak through the secret tunnels out to the beach to watch the sky and feel the ocean, they witness a murder and the start to a war. After being seen by The leader of the Zitochi clan they must flea. They are labeled murderers and fugitives, and go on this epic journey to reach Lightspire, home of Lyriana and the king. This journey brings them all so close and turns complete strangers into family. It has humor and actions. Horror and fun!! I loved every second.


Lyriana is an AMAZING princess. She isn’t high maintenance or snooty. She chooses to care and love and heal rather than beauty and things. She doesn’t eat meat or kill or hurt. She chooses to sit with the bastards because she wants to learn everything about her land not just the rich. I haven’t read about a princess so humble in a long time! And man when she tumbles upside down out of the hole into the tunnel I DIED LAUGHING!!

Tilla, oh I love her. Tilla is the bastard daughter of the High Lord Kent, ruler of the western province. She always wanted to sit next to her father and be legitimate, wear the gowns and everything secretly but she also wanted to just be with her brother, the stable hand Jax. Tilla and Jax have such an amazing relationship. They are best friends and Jax is HILARIOUS!

Zell, oh zell. He’s mysterious, a warrior, savage. Of course tilla is going to fall for him. He’s got secrets and a dark past. He’s not like anyone. He’s quiet and serious but the journey they all take opens him up, shows his fun side.

Miles, I liked miles, goofy, smart friend who is in love with tilla. I liked miles… but I didn’t love him.

The love interest was NOT instant, thank god! It built up and felt real. The friendships felt real! This was an amazing book. And I only read an ARC! Oh man


(someone send me the complete copy PLEASE!!!!!

I do have to add, that while I LOVED EVERY SECON, there were a few lines in dialogue that didn’t really with the timing, scene of the book. Too modern but only about three times so I let it pass)


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