Daughter of the Burning City Review

4.5 stars!!

Finally, a book I was totally in love with!

Sorina is a 16 year old girl living in Gomorrah, a traveling festival of freaks, assassins, jynx-workers and others. A marvelous carnival of sin and magic! Sorina is an illusion worker, she can create illusions for others to see. With this she has created a family of her own, but when her family starts dying she goes on a mission to discover how they could possibly die and who is killing them.

This book was just so OMG

First off sorina has no eyes, she can still see yes, but she has no eyes and yet she continues to believe she is beautiful and tells herself with pride that she is pretty! That is just awesome. I am so sick of reading books where the female character constantly says how skinny and ugly and original they are. Here was someone labeled as a freak and yet she still loved herself.

There is so much diversity especially with sexual preferences in this book and handled so well! The main character was bi. Another was lesbian, another didn’t even need nor crave sex or sexual needs. I just needed that!! Needed a change from the classic instalove, straight couples (nothing against straights lol)

The mystery in this I thought I figured it out so much but I never did, At all what so ever. It was just so good. This also has politics and suspense!!

I fell in love with Sorina’s illusions, they were just a true loyal, loving family!

I loved the city, everything about it. It took me a few to understand the up-hill and down-hill along with up mountainers and down mountainers but once I did I was hooked!


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