Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review

Oh yeah… This is happening.


And it isn’t going to be pretty.

I did NOT like this book.  I read it awhile back and as I sit here and stare at it on my bookshelf, I rolled my eyes so much.  First of, J.K ROWLING, did NOT write this. She created the concept, and signed of on it, but she did not write it and boy can you tell.

For one:

The characters are SO out of character.  Ron was nothing but a jokester dad, a comedian and that is NOT HIM. He is not Fred or George and he never really joked at all during the books, he was always more glum and just goofy but never a comedian.  He really did not even have a role in this book what so ever.

Hermoine, oh my gosh.  They portrayed her like Dolores Umbridge, literally, just as mean. What the hell?? Are you kidding me? No!  They did not keep her witty, quirky, amazing attitude, but instead made her a strict, mean mom and teacher.  No

Harry……… Don’t even get me started.  He was NOT a good dad, at all and played almost zero part in this book.


I did like how Draco’s son and Harry’s son were both in Slytherin, and were best friends but….that’s not all!!  Through this whole book they hinted around to a relationship between the two, and I am obviously all for gay relationships, but I personally felt like they were just doing this to say they “tried”. Not once in the original series was there EVER a gay couple, ever.  Years after J.K ROWLING announced Dumbledore was gay, but there is zero evidence of that. Search all you want, it just isn’t going to happen.


The plot was just wacky, the time travel was so off and went against the orginal series rules in time traveling.  Like just no.  I did NOT enjoy this.


(My opinion’s are my own, you can love this book, but I just don’t)


Time to unhaul!!


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