Vicious by V.E Schwab Review

Holy shit. Excuse my language. But holy shit.

This was FANTASTIC!!

I haven’t read a book I absolutely loved in forever and this was amazing. One of my top five favorite now!!

Victor and Eli were college roommates, brilliant and twisted in their own secretly dark ways!! When they come up with a thesis for a science project Eli starts to learn what it takes to become an EO (extra ordinary person) with powers!! He learns it’s from a near death experience or death and the will power to live plus adrenaline. So victor decided they should try it! They kill themselves and bring each other back!! And it all goes up from there!!

Ten years later victor breaks out of prison! He finds a 12 year old girl walking who had just been shot and takes her in with his now roommate (old cell mate) Mitch!! Sydney has powers of her own and so does her sister!

Eli is a mad man. But to some he might just make sense. Which makes it hard to determine if he is the villian or the good one.  I personally thought Eli was just crazy.  His abilities change him and change his way of viewing the world and right or wrong!! He takes matters into his own hands and it causes so much chaos!!ell they were both brilliant. Vic is portrayed as the villian from the start, and while in some cases I’m sure he was, in the whole scenario, I thought he was the hero!!

THIS IS JUST FANTASTIC. So much depth and entertainment. The characters really had back stories and believable personalities!


2 thoughts on “Vicious by V.E Schwab Review

  1. I’ve read the whole Shades of magic series by Schwaab and I don’t know what’s stopping me from reading this one. Every time I see reviews of Vicious, I get so excited! I’ve only heard great things about it, I should really pick it up soon 😀


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